Rubene – Vidzeme

Transported to the Sauna Museum in 2013.
Smoke sauna. Consists of the steam room and anteroom.
The exhibit is a gift to the museum.
The sauna comes from a large farm in the vicinity of Valmiera. The slate roof of the building has been preserved as a historical statement of its time. Not fully finished, as the sauna stove still needs to be renovated. The design includes some features that are not characteristic to black saunas, such as a stove that can be heated through the wall and a large window in the anteroom. In Latvia, stoves that can be heated through the wall are historically only typical to the Vidzeme region. The window may have been made larger sometime after the construction of the sauna.
At the end of the 20th century there was a fire in the sauna, therefore it was later renovated and used for steaming and procedures with sauna whisks.

Rezervē Pirti