Vāne – Kurzeme

The sauna was built in around 1880-1885.

Transported to the Sauna Museum in 2010.
Smoke sauna. Consists of the steam room and anteroom, and a box above the ceiling for germinating malt.
The exhibit was gifted to the Museum by Aija and Ilmārs Renči.
The history of the sauna is not precisely known, as the farm from which the sauna was obtained was inherited indirectly. Taking into account the fact that the sauna is built from thick logs, which are finished in various ways, and that several logs have non-functional gaps, recycled materials might have been used in the construction from the nearby Vāne Manor. This could also be evidenced by the tile roof (which is an expensive material). A wall safety fragment has been built in the steam room with the stove, as well as the steaming shelves are located untypically high for the construction of Latvian saunas.
The bath at the entrance of the sauna has been brought from Vāne together with the sauna, and placed similarly to the original location.

Rezervē Pirti