Sauna House “Laipas”

Sauna House Laipas – 2 storey house (~ 80 m2) with a sauna inside. On the ground floor there is a sauna, amenities and a large fireplace room with a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, kettle, electric cooker, microwave, dishes for up to 15 persons), and tables. The steam room is very comfortable, it has a wood sauna stove and appropriate ventilation that provides good steam and easy breathing. The sweating shelves are designed so that everyone can lie down and stretch to full length. If people are sitting in the steam room, it can be used by 6-7 people at the same time.
The second floor has two bedrooms, each with 2 double beds. Extra sleeping places on mattresses can be provided.
Outside there is a heated hot tub, a playground for children, a grill, and a fireplace.


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