The pavilion

Closed summer pavilion for celebrations, seminars and other events.
The pavilion is 100 m2 large. It has glazed walls and a concrete floor. There is a stage.
The pavilion has tables, benches and a refrigerator.
There are ponds and saunas in the territory.
There is a convenient playground next to the pavilion. Inflatable attractions can be conveniently placed there for children’s parties.
Pavilion rent pricelist – EUR 100 + EUR 2 per person up to 4 h
+ EUR 3 per person for 4-8 h
+ EUR 4 per person for > 8 h
For an additional fee – baking of pancakes in the historic pans (known as the pans of hunger pancakes), equipment for cooking campfire soup, dishes, Swedish table, inflatable attractions.

Rezervē Paviljonu Svētkiem