Pelēču Sauna – Latgale

The exhibit is a gift to the museum.

Transported to the Sauna Museum in 2014.
Smoke sauna. Consists of the steam room and anteroom, and a box above the ceiling for germinating malt.
The sauna was built during the agrarian reform (late 1920s) on a farm with a beautiful house that had a large glazed porch, which indicates that the farm was wealthy.

The sweat room is very small with low ceilings. The stove is small. There are no sweating shelves in the sauna, as the sauna was used for the typical needs of the time – for bathing.

The sauna is partly constructed of secondary materials; for example the doorway is low, because if the door was at full height, it could not be opened due to the low roof overhang.

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