New black sauna

Built in the Sauna Museum in 2011/2012.
The oldest type of sauna in Latvia – smoke or black sauna. In the sauna stove under the stones, a campfire is lit, which ensures that the stones are charged with the energy of live fire. There is no chimney and the smoke seeks every way out through each gap, making everything black with soot along the way, which disinfects and cleans everything. The air in the steam room is sterile.

Built anew in the Sauna Museum to introduce as many people as possible to the black sauna. Capacity – approximately 20 people. The comfort of the sauna is provided by the large size of the steam room and the sauna stove, which allows the hosting of a large number of people for a longer period of time. Water-pipe has been installed. Possibility to spend time before and after steaming in the anteroom or on the terrace.

There is a pond next to the sauna.

 The building consists of a steam room, anteroom with a fireplace, terrace and attic.

Sauna is heated once every 3-4 weeks as a public sauna. Follow the availability updates on our Facebook page. Search Facebook for Pirts Muzejs.

Sauna available on individual request:

  – for up to 10 people – EUR 150

 – for each extra person + EUR 10 

The sauna must be booked duly, the heating and preparation (sweating shelves must be cleaned from soot) takes about 6 hours. The heat can then be enjoyed for about the same amount of time. 

Rezervē Pirti