Dagda – Latgale

The oldest sauna of the Museum built between 1800 and 1850.

Moved to the Sauna Museum in 2008 and is the first exhibit of the Museum.
Smoke sauna. Consists of the steam room and anteroom, and a box above the ceiling for germinating malt.
The exhibit was purchased.
Typical Latgale smoke sauna located near Dagda. Its history is unknown, as the sauna was purchased from resellers. It is only known that in around the 1960s, this building had already been relocated to another place. This is evidenced by the notches in the walls for numbering the logs. Particularly noteworthy are the sweating shelfs – the boards are not manufactured industrially, but shaped with an axe. It is believed that the sauna was originally only built as a steam room without the anteroom, which might have been added later. It is quite likely that the Dagda Sauna could be more than 100 years old.
There is a half masonry stove in the steam room with a boiler for heating water, and the boiler has a very unique cover.
The sauna has been mainly used for bathing, as evidenced by the low placement of the sweating shelfs.

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