Bastu – Sweden

Transported to the Sauna Museum in 2009.
Electric sauna stove. Consists of the steam room and anteroom. Flat roof in the original version.
The exhibit was obtained with the support of SIA “Ramirent”.
Builders’ cabin from the 1980s. Used in new Swedish buildings for recreation, warming-up and bathing, then moved to Latvia. After the construction boom in our country in 2008, it lost its relevance as a rental object. The cabin has a very spacious steam room with good electric sauna stove, and it is comfortable and easy to use today as well.

Very convenient steam room for different sauna procedures, as well as for enjoying a herbal sauna. 

The sauna is available for rent. Please inquire about the prices and availability using the provided e-mail or phone numbers. 


Rezervē Pirti