Audrini – Latgale

Transported to the Sauna Museum in 2012.

Smoke sauna with half masonry stove. Consists of the steam room and anteroom, and a box above the ceiling for germinating malt.
The exhibit was donated to the Museum by Linda Jirgensone, who inherited it from her grandfather.

The primary purpose of the sauna is warming-up and steaming, and flapping yourself with sauna whisks, which can be performed from the high-located sweating shelfs, allowing you to conveniently lay down.
Built during the period of the first Independent State of Latvia in around 1935, in a prosperous, progressive farm in Audriņi, which is located near Rēzekne. It is not quite typical for Latgale (elements of pile building are used), as the buildings in the farm were constructed by workers from Vidzeme, but the Sauna – by builders from Kurzeme. It is believed that the sleepers of the nearby railway have been used as the construction material for the sauna, because the aroma characteristic to a railway can be felt in the sauna if it is not used for longer periods.


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